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Rosario Varo

Undertow Tanka:  Review Issue 10

Dispatches - Somonka

In the end, if she
was not oblivious, my
mother’s saboteur
steeped her in dementia
making death more like a cure.

Dad hugged me at ten
when his mother died; then years,
my ire, and our pride
split us so that his passing
deterred us from another.

―Bill Cushing

Unable to stay
with the things I love in this,
the clear world of dew,
I await the world of mists
and prepare to enter it

― Evan Guilford-Blake

peddling home
following the light
I remember.

―Billy Howell-Sinnard

i've loved
several women--
the light
in all those windows
still burns

―Billy Howell-Sinnard

Blood stains...
pulling up thorns
and thistles
I close
my prayer book

― Billy Howell-Sinnard

a cat
stretching into a spot
of autumn sun...
finding possibilities
I thought I'd left behind

―Rebecca Drouilhet

the shapes of night
changing in autumn...
when clouds hide the moon
a gnarled oak
turns gargoyle

―Rebecca Drouilhet

Igor Morski


from dimmest light flowers bloom
bright secret colors

― Evan Guilford-Blake

on a bare bough
a cat meows
. . . crescent moon

―David He

northern wren
southern tui ~
September brings fall and spring

―Ingrid Bruck

black beetle shells
burnt sienna floor ~ 
all that's left of fall

―Ingrid Bruck

grocery store gossip
two women block the aisle
as the world turns

―Ingrid Bruck

filigree without lace
winter trees

―Steve Klepetar

darkness fills an empty cup

―Steve Klepetar

twenty-five below:
sun disc above the river, touching ice

―Steve Klepetar

message in code
crow’s tracks in snow

―Steve Klepetar

tossing seeds
over the fence--
flowers for Mexico

―Maggie Kennedy

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