Thursday, June 19, 2014

Why Undertow?

Why Undertow? Perhaps, because living on an island I find beauty and strength in the sensory experiences of the sea. It pulls you in either by sound, smell, texture, or sheer force. But it also expulses whatever is wasteful only to drag it back into its depths. Poet Dean Young  expresses that feeling we all get when we watch the sea:

People looking at the sea,
makes them feel less terrible about themselves,
the sea's behaving abominably,
seems never satisfied,
what it throws away it dashes down
then wants back, yanks back

Dean Young (Undertow - November 2007)

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Submission Guidelines to Undertow Tanka Review

Kindly submit up to 10 previously unpublished  tanka, tanka art, &/or  1 sequence.
“Undertow Tanka Submission” to:

undertowtanka @

Or use Contact Form to the right

by August 15, 2014 / first Issue
to be online August 16

*** by September 30, 2014 / second Issue
to be online by October 3

At the end of your submission, please include your full name and country of residence. All rights revert to authors upon publication. Your tanka must not be under consideration elsewhere or submitted to any contest. Hopefully this will become a print Review in the near future.

Best wishes,

Sergio Ortiz, Editor